Information Security Self Assessment

Any questions marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory. If a mandatory question is not relevant to your business please answer 'Not applicable'.

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Who is your contact at Solihull Council for this contract

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Data protection overview

Q6: Please indicate the types of personal/sensitive information you expect to be processing on behalf of Solihull Council

Premises security

IMPORTANT: When completing this section please provide answers that relate to the premises where the information you collect or process on behalf of Solihull Council will be stored or processed. If there are more than one premises, please state this and provide answers for each of the premises.

People and policy


Sub-contractors cannot be used without the authorisation of Solihull Council. If permission is being sought to use sub contractors it is important to establish what technical and organisational safeguards they have in place.

Other safeguards

These measures should be appropriate to the nature of the information being processed and take into account the harm which would be caused should any unauthorised loss, disclosure or destruction of the information occur

Restricting Access to information

Business Continuity

Securely Disposing of Information

Encryption Technology

Secure Transfer of Information

Data Protection

Your information may be shared with other council services and partner organisations to ensure our records are kept accurate and to help us to identify services or benefits you may be entitled to or interested in. We may also need to share your information for the prevention and detection of fraud and/or other crimes or as the law requires. For further information about how we use your information please refer to the Council’s Privacy Statement on