Moving out of or within Solihull

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You should only complete this form if you're the named liable person on the council tax bill

If you’re a family member moving to a different address in Solihull and are not named on the bill please complete our Moving to Solihull webform.

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I declare, to the best of my knowledge, that the information I have given is true and correct. I understand it is a criminal offence to supply false information to obtain a monetary advantage and Solihull Council will prosecute fraudulent claims.
I understand the Council may check this information as necessary and that I am required to notify the Council of any change of circumstance (i.e. another adult resident aged 18 or over moving into the property) that may effect my claim within 21 days of the change taking place. Failure to notify the Council will result in incurring a financial penalty of between £70 to £280.

Data Sharing

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Data Protection

Your information may be shared with other council services and partner organisations to ensure our records are kept accurate and to help us to identify services or benefits you may be entitled to or interested in. We may also need to share your information for the prevention and detection of fraud and/or other crimes or as the law requires. For further information about how we use your information please refer to the Council’s Privacy Statement on